What’s the difference with the Image Editing API v1?

This API is the second version of the Photoroom Image Editing API. The first version of this API, now considered legacy, used to work differently: instead of passing the edit parameters through the URL, you would create a template using the Photoroom web app and pass the id of that template. While this approach was functional, it had several drawbacks:

  • when looking at the URL of the call, it was impossible to know which edits would be applied to the image

  • it was very easy to modify a template in the web app without realizing that it would also impact any API call that used this template

  • it was impossible to update the edits applied to the image without going into the Photoroom web app

The new version of the Image Editing API solves all of these issues, that’s why we strongly recommend that you use this new version instead of the legacy version!

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