How to edit the result of an API call in the Photoroom Web App

If you're not fully satisfied with the result returned by the Image Editing API, it's possible to open the result image inside the Photoroom Web App, where you'll be able to adjust the result.

To edit and download the result image in the Photoroom Web App you will need a Photoroom Pro subscription, which is separate from the API credits subscription.

To edit the result of an API call in the Photoroom Web App, look for the HTTP header PR-Edit-Further-URL:

The header PR-Edit-Further-URLwill only be available when calling the Image Editing API through the GET endpoint.

API calls that use AI Shadows, AI Backgrounds, AI Relighting or AI Text Removal cannot be edited inside the Photoroom Web App for now.

Then you can just copy the URL set for this header, paste it into your browser and you'll be able to edit the result of the API call inside the Photoroom Web App:

When you're done making changes, you can click the Download button on the top right to save the edited image to your computer.

For now we only support downloading the result locally.

If you'd like to automatically send the edited image back to your system, we would love to discuss this use case with you!

Please join our Slack Community to get the discussion started with our engineers!

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