Can I get free API calls?

For testing and prototyping, you can use sandbox mode of the Image Editing API, which allows you to make free API calls but will produce a result with a watermark.

Additionally, you can get 200 free API calls to the Remove Background API when you create your account.

The only requirement to get the free credits is to create your Photoroom account using Sign-in with Google (either with a personal Google account or a professional Google Workspace account).

If needed, you can also use these free calls with the Image Editing API.

Keep in mind that 1 call to the Image Editing API is worth 5 calls to the Remove Background API, so you will be limited to 40 free calls to the Image Editing API.

If you're in the process of integrating the Photoroom API into your codebase and need additional free credits to test your integration, please join our Slack community and ask our engineers.

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